About Us

Company Objectives


The objective of TMC is to serve Pre-Teens thru Geriatrics in our community in a proactive method of medicine in a fair and unbiased nature. This means we provide individualized primary care to our neighborhood.

Our company adheres to the nationalized standards of care while at the same time recognizing that each person has different needs and desires. Each employee of TMC is vital in recognizing these needs and desires and delivering the necessary benefit to the client. The satisfaction of each client is of utmost important to our organization. TMC is proactive not reactive in screening, education, and age appropriate testing.


Company Mission


We exist in order to provide every person entering our facility with the best in healthcare services. Our company cares about our clientele and is faithful to improving both quality and quantity of life in a professional and efficient manner.

In pursuit of our mission, we believe the following value statements are vital:

  • We will treat each person with respect. While at work we will put the needs of our patients and fellow team members ahead of our own. We will speak words of encouragement to and about one another.
  • We will strive to be superior at our jobs. Our patients can trust that we are sincere in doing what’s best for them. Details and quality are of top importance.
  • We will make a positive difference. We will be active. We will do outreach to educate and promote a healthy style of life.